The weekend in Ubatuba (Uba Chuva), Brazil








Lifes a beach so we decided to go to one for the weekend. This time to Ubatuba which is an area located on the coast in the state of São Paulo. Ubatuba is known for its many beaches, its annual surfing contest, and its rain (hints its nickname Uba Chuva, “chuva” meaning rain in Portuguese). Lucky for my friends and I we were able to have a well rounded experience of what the town has to offer. On Friday we took it easy and relaxed on one of the many beaches that had some rather cute wooden bars/restaurants where we were able to enjoy some caipirinhas and a great view. Saturday we took a boat trip to another beach where we anchored, swam, and participated in a boat party. Unfortunately, we did experience some Ubatuba rain towards the beginning of our boat trip but it was very light and not enough to stop us from continuing. Sunday was also a lazy beach day but I was able to try some of the locals skim boards and managed to get a few bruises from some of my many attempts. Overall, the main attractions in Ubatuba are the beaches and the views. The town seems sort of remote and there isn’t a large selection of places to go in terms of outside of the beach. It was a really beautiful place, surrounded by mountains and a nice scenery. If you are staying in the São Paulo area and are looking for a good beach, I would definitely recommend this location. It was a perfect and quick get away!

-Sincerely, Tish

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