The Marvelous City

Helicopter RIo

Rio de Janeiro beach view


on the way to rio

Porto Bay

RIo de Janiero View



The end of my time in Brazil is slowly creeping up on me. With only a month left, I knew that I needed to visit Rio de Janeiro again. Rio is by far my favorite place that I have been in Brazil. I can’t seem to get enough of the amazing views, culture, and beautiful beaches. This time however, was much different than when I went for Carnival. It was a more relaxed weekend with lot’s of food, sun, and even a helicopter tour around Christ the Redeemer! Even though, it is beginning to head into winter in the southern hemisphere, I would still consider Rio’s winters to be quite enjoyable. The evenings were a little chilly but nothing extreme and thankfully there was plenty of sun rays to catch in the daytime.

Luckily, we were able to come across a few new things in the city.  The first place I’ll mention was a really neat restaurant that we found due to the suggestion of a local store owner. The name of the restaurant was “Aprazível”. It was tucked away in the hills of Santa Teresa and had amazing views of the entire city and a really interesting dining environment. The restaurant was in sort of a jungle atmosphere and was made out of wood and hut looking structures. It was almost like a giant but elaborate tree house. The best tree house I have ever been in that serves excellent food, offers good service, beautiful views, and even martinis. I really had nothing to complain about!

Additionally, I want to add a side note about a jewelry store that I found. The name of this store is Francesca Romana Diana. This particular jewelry store was very unique because it captures the culture of Brazil and even more specifically Rio de Janeiro. The pieces in this store are all handmade and are inspired by the people, music, styles, and flavor of Brazil. After stumbling upon this store, I could immediately see the Brazilian culture expressed through the different jewelry pieces. Since I am quite fond of Rio, I did decide to buy a pair of earrings that would remind me of the city. I went with a pair that illustrated the print of the portuguese pavement in the Ipanema beach area. For me, this store offered more than just jewelry. Each piece of jewelry in the store was its own form of art. Anyone who’s looking for a piece of jewelry that will remind them of this country should definitely take a look at this store. I promise it was really neat!

Unfortunately, I was only in Rio for the weekend. Now, I am back in São Paulo without the beach and I’m back to the crazy metropolitan life style that this city never seems to bore me with!

-Sincerely, Tish

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