Tea time in São Paulo

Christabel and Tish

Brigadeiros By Cousins

Kat and Tish tea time

 (Bridadeiros By Cousins)

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Welcome to winter in São Paulo, chilly enough to throw on a light jacket at night but warm enough to wear a pair of shorts on a sunny day. It’s sort of the best of both worlds. We all know with winter comes early sunsets. For me this is taking some adjusting to get used to. It starts to get dark around roughly 6:00 pm and I’m starting to find myself being lazy with the early sunsets. I’m also feeling eager to be done with school being that everyone in the states let out for summer vacation in May. I shouldn’t complain because I have spent the past few months living in a warm climate with many breaks off from school. Speaking of school Kat and I decided to take a spontaneous tea break right before our Portuguese class the other day. We were wondering up a road near our school when we found a quaint little Doceria called Bridageiros By Cousins. It’s the perfect spot to grab a tea, a coffee or even a dessert. I might try to make a habit of stopping there before class for the next few weeks.

 I have a little over two weeks until school ends and 20 days until I say goodbye to Brazil. I already had my first goodbye the other night. Ruth, one of the 16 gringos who started out here, was the first to head back to the United States yesterday evening. She had to leave a tad early to return home for a summer internship. It never really dawned on me until I said goodbye to her that my time in Brazil is almost over. It’s crazy how time flies. However, until it is my turn to part ways with this country, I’ll keep enjoying my time here and frolicking around the city while soaking up as much of Brazil as I can!

-Sincerely, Tish

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