A Weekend in The Bahamas






Welcome to Nassau, the capital and largest island in The Bahamas. From the moment you walk off the plane and into the airport, you are greeted by joyful people with high energy. The island is a small island dedicated mainly to tourism.  The beaches are lined with resorts, casino, boats, jet skis, and numerous other activities to participate in. During our visit to Nassau this past August, we stayed in the Atlantis resort. This particular resort like others had mainly everything you would need during a vacation without ever having to leave the resort. There were water parks, a casino, night clubs, restaurants, swimming pools, an aquarium, a shopping center, and much more. We even happened to be there during the Miss Teen USA pageant. For anyone who enjoys resort style vacations this is definitely a place to go. Unfortunately we were limited on time being that we went the weekend right before my fall semester was to begin so we did not venture far from the resort. We did not get the chance to head downtown and into the more historical area of the island but this is something I would suggest for others to do. Being that The Bahamas were colonized by the British there is much history to be unraveled and could be rather interesting for those who enjoy learning about the past. Even though I am not a big resort person, I definitely enjoyed this trip and could understand  why so many people choose The Bahamas as their yearly vacation destination.

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