Expressing flight dissatisfaction effectively

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As you may know, flying does not always go as smoothly as one may wish. Over the years I have been on a countless amount of flights: some good and some bad. The majority have gone as planned but of course there have been flights with delays, cancellations, or various other problems. The most recent issue I had was with JetBlue airlines on my returning flight from Costa Rica. The plane was supposed to board at 1:48pm flying to Ft. Lauderdale however it departed over an hour late. Usually this wouldn’t be an issue but it resulted in me missing a connecting flight home to Pittsburgh, P.A. Immediately once going through customs I went upstairs to the Jet Blue desk and explain my situation. I was told there were no more flights leaving to Pittsburgh for the evening and I would have to fly out in the morning. At this time was around 8:00pm and there was no way I was going to wait in the airport all night. I asked if I would be given a hotel on their expense because the situation was out of my control. The answer was no however, they did cover the expense of the flight. I was in no mood to put up an argument at this point so I went about my night and got a room at a nearby hotel.

Promptly in the morning I arrived back at the airport to board my flight. After a long night I had several questions regarding luggage and the actual flight but no Jet Blue assistant wanted to help or answer my questions. It’s possible that because it was so early in the morning they weren’t in the best of moods. Regardless, at this point I was very upset with their customer service and the overall situation. I decided to write a dissatisfaction email to Jet Blues customer service which is something I have never done. I found the best email address to contact on google by typing in “Jet Blue Costumer Service”. In a very detailed email I expressed my frustration for their customer service, explained the flight delay with the actual times, and stated that I was not reimbursed for a hotel the previous evening. My email was about 4 short paragraphs. I was very professional about the situation and did not demand anything in return. I just simply explained how I felt. After one day they did respond to my email. They asked me to forward them a copy of my hotel receipt and offered to reimburse my stay. They also expressed their apologies several times. Needless to say the dissatisfaction email was worth writing.

If you feel frustrated by a flight and have a similar issue, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to the Airline. You never know what can happen!

Sincerely, Tish

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