10 Tips for Packing for your next Trip

Packing is something we all have to do when taking a trip. Whether it’s a weekend get away or a two week vacation, you want to make sure you pack everything you need! Packing should be a rather simple task but with airline baggage limits you may tend to over or under pack. Here are several tips you can follow in order to pack like pro for whatever trip you are going on!

1. Check Airline Baggage Information

If you are flying, the first thing you want to do is check the airline baggage information. The easiest way to check an airlines baggage information is by gong online to their website under the “travel information” tab. There you will find everything you are looking to know such as baggage dimensions, the weight your bags can be and how many bags you are allowed to take per passenger.

2. Check Your Destinations Weather

A week before I leave for wherever I’m headed, I make it a point to check the upcoming weather in that location. This way I am not left with any weather surprises and I know exactly what conditions to pack for.

3. Pre Plan Your Outfits

Pre planning your outfits may not be something you want to do but it is something you should do in order to save time and space in your luggage. I used to pack whatever I thought I would wear or use during a trip however I realized I was packing a lot of things I ended up not wearing or using. Before I pick out my outfits I think about things I will be doing on my trip such as outdoor activities, night light, swimming etc. If you know what you are doing on your trip and keep in mind the amount of days you will be gone you can get to the point of packing only what you need.

4. Roll Your Clothes vs Folding

Many years ago my mom told me that in order to save room in my luggage and to prevent wrinkles I should roll my clothes instead of folding them. Turns out it is a pretty effective tip. I do not roll all of my clothes however I do roll my pants, shorts, and jackets  which saves me room!

5. Use Your Shoes As Packing Space

Yes, I said it. Pack inside of your shoes. Shoes are a great place to keep things like socks, underwear and whatever else fits!

6. Do Not Check Anything Essential or Valuable

It is really important to not pack anything that you wouldn’t want to lose in your checked luggage. Things like money, credit cards, electronics, jewelry, or important documents should all be kept in your carry on bag/ person item on the plane.

7. Put All Liquids and Makeup in a Ziplock baggy

The last thing you want to happen is to arrive to your destination to find your shampoo or makeup all over your clothes. Any liquids that I have (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, makeup foundation, suntan lotion etc) I make sure to put them in a ziplock bag. It doesn’t hurt to double ziplock either!

8. Check Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Carry On Rules

You don’t want to end up throwing your things away last minute. The main rule that I know and have burned in my head is that all liquids in your carry on luggage must be in 3.4 ounce containers and inside one clear quart size ziplock baggy.

For any questions, check TSA’s website:


9. Wear Your Heaviest Clothes and Shoes on the Plane

If you are able to layer and wear your heavier clothes and shoes on the plane, it is a great way to save space in your luggage. If you are worried about being too hot, typically planes are cold!

10. Buy a Lightweight Suitcase

A lightweight suitcase will allow you to carry more weight in your luggage without exceeding airline weight limits.

Some brands I would recommend include Travel Pro, Tumi, Samsonite, and Brookstone!

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Sincerely, Tish

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