11 Things To Do In Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas! A desert surrounded city that’s infested with hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping, events, shows and unsaid sins. An adults dream playground. If you’re looking to get away from your everyday life, going away for a bachelor/bachelorette party or even wanting to take a fun trip with friends, Vegas is the place to go.

This past May I took my second trip to Vegas and I hope to have a third some time in the future. Both my first and second trip were equally as fun and I find that there is so much to do in the city and the scenic surrounding areas. Check it out for yourself!

What to do?

1. Walk the Strip

The first thing I think of when Vegas comes to mind, is the Las Vegas Strip (which you probably recognize from many movies).  Start your trip off by stopping somewhere along the strip and taking a stroll. This way you can get an idea of what hotels, restaurants, and casinos you want to visit. 

2. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon

The grand Canyon is something you don’t want to miss. If you’re planning to visit the Grand Canyon, keep in mind this will take an entire day!

3. Visit the Hoover Dam

 Site seeing at the Hoover Dam is completely free and it offers quite the view. Being only roughly 45 minutes from Las Vegas, you can find tours or rent a car and drive to the area. Combining a trip to visit both the Grand Canyon and The Hoover Dam will be your best option.  

4. View Vegas from the Stratosphere

This is the tallest observatory building in the U.S. Here you will certainly find amazing views of the city. If you are up for it, there is even a ride at the top that hangs over the city.

5. Go to a Show

Entertainment is huge in Vegas. People from all over the world come here solely for this reason. If you are interested in shows the offered list is endless. Of the most popular and recommended is Cirque de Soleil. Take a look online!

6. Hang by the Pool at a Pool Party

Pool parties are my favorite in Vegas! My favorite Vegas pools include: Daylight Beach Club, Wet Republic, and Rehab. 

7. Try Different Restaurants

The options for good food are endless. Follow the link below for a guide on where to eat in Vegas. 

Guide to Vegas Dining

8. Gamble

If your in Las Vegas, you most likely will gamble at some point. Set aside a specific amount of money for gambling and be smart about your decisions. No one wants to go home empty handed!

9. Visit the Bellagio

This hotel is absolutely stunning and you certainly won’t want to miss the fountain show out front!

Click Here For Show Times

10. Take a Gondola ride at the Venetian 

Just like Venice, the Venetian offers gondola rides. Of course they are overpriced but the hotel is a must see and is among a Vegas favorite.

11. Zipline over Fremont Street

Freemont street is considered old Vegas. This is where all the excitement was before the strip was built. Here you can find cheaper casinos, cheap drinks and zip line through a street of glitzy lights. 

Cost of traveling to Vegas?

The first time I flew to Vegas was two years ago from Latrobe airport (a surrounding area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), I found my flight for $69 round trip on Spirit Airlines. Yes, I just said $69. It was the cheapest flight I have ever heard of for that flying distance. Unfortunately, I checked this year and did not see flights going for that price. It must have been a special. If you have time to plan and don’t have constraints on when you want to take your trip, I would constantly check air options and various sites. You can even sign up for airfare alerts.

Depending on where you are flying from, you may be able to find some good deals. If you are flying domestically in the U.S;  Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday will be the cheapest days to fly. If you are international, typically any weekday will be cheaper than a weekend.

Cost of Transportation

From shuttles to limos, there are so many ways to get around in Vegas. The cost can range anywhere from free to expensive. A free option is to go by Casino shuttles. This is a good option if you are planning to stop at common places along the strip. If you don’t want to go by shuttle, take the Las Vegas Monorail. It connects hotels along the strip which makes working your way down the strip a bit easier!

Buses also run up and down the strip and can be a good means of transportation. You can get a day pass for just under $10 a day. Not to forget, there are plenty of taxis, Ubers and Lyfts you can go with!

Las Vegas Monorail

Cost of Stay?

Luckily you can find some reasonably priced places to stay in Vegas. Casinos will offer cheaper room rates in order to attract people to their locations. Make sure you check the deals online before you book because often you will find some great prices.

If you are not looking for a deal, you will certainly be able to find some of the most luxurious hotels the country has to offer in this city as well.

Average meal cost?

Excluding fine dining, on average anywhere from $15 to $25.

Tips when traveling to Vegas include:

Pace yourself if you are consuming alcoholic beverages

Be aware of what you are spending if gambling

Take casino shuttles or the LV Monorail

Fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday (cheaper)

Search the internet for discount tickets to shows and events

Do not lose your ID/ bring second form of ID

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