High Heels Hack for Comfort

Have you ever owned a pair of heels that you can barely make it out of your house in before you want to take them off? 

I have. 

It seems like the cuter the heels, the more they hurt!

A few months ago, I bought a new pair of heels that I absolutely loved but wasn’t able to wear for this exact reason! I had two options, send them back or find a solution.

Being that I love my shoes, I decided to do some research and found this amazing “shoe shaper” and “stretcher device”. Invented and founded by shoe fanatic Maureen Stockton, this device is known as “Formè Comfort”.

This product is awesome because not only does it stretch the material of the shoe, it also helps hold the shoes natural shape. With any new heels I buy, I use Formè Comfort by inserting the device into my heels, stretching out the device’s “wings” by pushing the button down and simply allowing my heels to sit over night. I even use Formè Comfort to hold the shape of my work loafers!


There’s not a product like this on the market! Another plus, it’s a great buy at under $50.00.

If you’re looking for comfort like I was check out their website!


-LaTisha Perry, Penn State University 

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