São Paulo Street Art

Open air art in Beco do Batman, Vila Madalena It's not hard to come across street art all throughout the city of São Paulo. Vila Madalena is just one neighborhood that offers many graffiti murals in various different streets. Have a look around the city and you will experience Brazilian culture through the stories these [...]

Paraty and Trindade, Brazil

  √ another adventure in Brazil complete. This time was to Paraty and Trindade located in the Rio de Janeiro state. This past weekend my study abroad group and I ventured north to both Paraty and Trindade for a weekend get away. We left from São Paulo early Friday morning and returned late Sunday night. [...]

The weekend in Ubatuba (Uba Chuva), Brazil

Lifes a beach so we decided to go to one for the weekend. This time to Ubatuba which is an area located on the coast in the state of São Paulo. Ubatuba is known for its many beaches, its annual surfing contest, and its rain (hints its nickname Uba Chuva, "chuva" meaning rain in Portuguese). [...]

Gringos in São Paulo

Yes, I referred to "us americans" as gringos.  Welcome to the "real world São Paulo" as us exchange students call it. For the next 5 months, there is 16 of us gringos studying in Sâo Paulo which is the largest city in all of Brazil. Each and every one of us come from different states [...]