Beginners Guide to Cinque Terre

Beginners Guide to Cinque Terre

  After living in Italy for almost 2 years in total, I can definitely say Cinque Terre is one of my favorite destinations in the country to visit. It is located in the region of Liguria on the northwest coastline and is made up of 5 villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso). Naturally, being [...]

20 Tips for Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally can be overwhelming and it can seem like a large leap to take. Regardless of where you are going there are several steps you can follow in order to ease your travel and have a successful trip. Here are my top 20 tips for international travel: 1. Get a Passport If you don’t [...]

Expressing flight dissatisfaction effectively

As you may know, flying does not always go as smoothly as one may wish. Over the years I have been on a countless amount of flights: some good and some bad. The majority have gone as planned but of course there have been flights with delays, cancellations, or various other problems. The most recent [...]

How to budget when traveling to Costa Rica?

When booking a trip, it’s always smart to keep in mind what you want your budget to be. In my opinion, Costa Rica is a very feasible trip in terms of cost. What I found to be the most cost effective when planning this trip was searching for a low cost flight, booking our stays [...]