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Hello! My name is LaTisha. I’m a 23 year old girl from Pittsburgh, P.A. I’ve spent the last four years studying International Business and Marketing at Penn State University and I guess you could say I’m finally in the real world. My love for traveling began my senior year of high school when I became a foreign exchange student and left the country on a 1 year exchange program to Bergamo, Italy. Since then my life has never been the same and I’ve become quite the travel addict. If I’m not planning a trip, I’m thinking about one. I’m constantly wondering where my future will take me and I’m always ready to be on the go. So far I’ve been to 16 countries including; Italy, Belgium, Greece, France, Spain, England, The Netherlands, Ireland, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, The Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and Costa Rica.

I never know where I’m headed next! I want to explore the world, live for adventure, and hopefully find a career that aligns with my goals and aspirations. I originally decided to create this blog when I was studying abroad in Brazil as a way to keep my friends and family informed as to what I was doing. After my study abroad experience I continued to post here and there but never as a constant ongoing thing. As of March 2017, I decided that I want to share more than just my personal travels and that I want to be a frequent blogger. My mission is to share my travel expertise, tell you about my experiences, answer your questions, and hopefully inspire you along the way!


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